Jaromír Hainc is a registered architect (authorised) at Czech Chamber of Architects and has a PhD. Degree in Urban Planning and Urban design (the theme of the doctoral thesis is Inner periphery of the City – Case study of Prague). He graduated at the Czech Technical University in Prague, at the Faculty of Architecture, one year he studied at Technical University in Delft (the Netherlands). He worked for several years at Jiran Kohout architekti Ltd. in Prague on urban projects – Master plans for several cities and towns in Iraq and participated on other projects at different scales. His previous experience covers all types of projects, from interior to building specificaton projects. In the Netherlands he was a trainee at Kraajvanger-Urbis, arcitectural and urban studio in Rotterdam and participated at the University in the activities of POLIS – Platform for Urbanism.

His interests are in the cities and its development, in the filed of urbanism and urban planning.”The creation of space is the matter of architecture, regardless the scale,” says Jaromír Hainc.

Jaromír Hainc was for a long period memebr of the Academic Senate of the Czech Technical University. He is a memeber of POLIS – Podium for Urdanism at TU Delft, the Netherlands and Holy Hillock Society in Moravia (Matice svatokopecká), for several years he was member of the Czech Society of Architects.

In teh period 2009-2014 he was an Assistant in the Design Studio of Jan Jehlík at the Faculty of Architecture CTU in Prague and since 2008 he has participated at the education program and research at teh Faculty of Architecture in Prague.

Nowdays he works as Urban Planning Section Secretary at Prague Institute of Planning and Development. Among others he is responsible for the communication with the Boroughs of Prague, different studies and takes care of international agenda in the Section.